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1. We are HRDF Registered Training Provider (No. 202101020402)
2. Act as training arms for International Future of Education Association (IFEA), a non-profit organization formed by individuals, companies and institutions from educational and other related industry to promote local and international cooperation in cultural and education.

Our company is blessed with vast experience, we have high qualified trainers in different fields and experiences. Moreover, we are also connecting and run customized courses with various recognized universities in Malaysia to individuals and companies.
We will groom you in the field of your interest.

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How to Sign up a Programme?

We will be updating timetable from time to time, if you need to get to know more on our courses in detail,  we can easily to be in touch via email:

Are you a trainer? We need you!

We are searching for quality programme and trainers across industries and backgrounds for participants. If you’re looking for new training opportunities, contact us at

International Future of Education Association (IFEA)

Halal Industry Seminar Series

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  • Unit B-17-02, Pavilion Embassy Corporate Suite, G-Vestor Tower, No 200, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.